“Our congratulations to WiseTech on its successful 25-year journey. WiseTech has lived up to every promise made to us, in both word and deed. They've improved compensation and benefits for our staff, helped improve and secure our hosted infrastructure, provided management training unprecedented in its rigor, and proactively helped us to deploy their productivity application, PAVE.

They've also given us the scope and freedom necessary to continue to build our business in our marketplace by encouraging relentless innovation and leveraging the WiseTech network. As such, our business is growing robustly. As part of WiseTech we have never been more healthy or high performing – we thank our loyal and new customers along with our people.

On a personal level, working with our WiseTech family has been energizing and rewarding. We look forward to working with the global team in the years to come.” Michael Thomas, Managing Director, Trinium Technologies.

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