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Fuel Management System

Proven to drive bottom line improvements by way of labor savings, operational integrity, billing and payables speed and accuracy, improved credit control, and improved overall customer satisfaction, completely automate your processes from order receipt to customer service, operations, credit management, billing and inventory control.

Our comprehensive fuel management system is tailor-made for wholesale fuel and lubricants distributors, offering a seamless solution to streamline every aspect of your operations.

Cardlock Management System

Automate the uploading of card files, streamline the reconciliation of foreign, domestic and remote transactions, and simplify customer invoicing. Effortlessly configure automated pricing structures and maintain cardlock inventories while providing comprehensive reporting on all facets of your cardlock operations. All done across any of the fuel card networks or with your proprietary cards.

Eliminate operational and cash collection inefficiencies. This powerful enterprise solution gives you complete control over your cardlock operations to maximize fuel sales, optimize billing procedures, and ensure efficient cash collection.

Optimize your fuel management operations

Automate document distribution

Eliminate paper-based processes and automate document delivery, including invoices and transportation orders, via email and fax - saving time (and trees).

Monitor business performance

Real-time reporting tools give you instant insights into your business's financial and operational performance for improved decision making.

Empower your customers

Provide customers with a streamlined web portal for easy access to invoices and orders, minimizing support inquiries and improving their online experience.

Connect and collaborate

Connect directly to your network of customers, fuel networks, trading partners, and vendors to produce high quality data all parties can rely on.

Stay productive and profitable with integrated accounting tools

Don’t waste time or money using a stand-alone accounting package that’s not part of your operational software.

Speed up your invoice-to-cash process and streamline your accounting operations with a deeply integrated billing and costing engine designed specifically for the fuel industry.

The system includes a robust general ledger module, allowing for accurate and detailed financial record-keeping.

Manage all aspects of your accounts payable process, from invoice processing to payment tracking, streamlining your financial operations. 

Easily handle customer invoices, track payments, and efficiently manage your accounts receivable processes.

In addition to conventional financial reporting, the system excels in delivering specialized reports tailored to the petroleum industry.

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