In a most challenging year for many industries, a goods based economic recovery has started with a flurry in the containerized transportation world. As volumes have returned and even eclipsed past levels in some areas, the need to improve productivity through automation has become a competitive imperative. Extending that automation to drivers through a deliberate mobile app strategy is one of the critical success factors in 2020 as trucking companies target less and less physical interaction between drivers and internal staff.

In recent months, we have seen record usage of our mobile app, Trinium MC3, due to these factors. With MC3, container drayage and intermodal trucking companies now have a natural extension of our TMS in the hands of their remote workforce, their drivers. Work that was managed completely by the back office staff is now distributed across a larger user base, creating operational efficiencies. Drivers now receive and update their dispatches electronically with little verbal and text interaction with dispatchers. Documents are easily uploaded and geofencing automates the dispatch status updates and wait time processing. Dispatchers and customer service teams are now more productive and able to manage more business with better throughput.

The effect of “going mobile” also has a positive outcome for customers. With ever growing demands for real-time visibility from BCO’s and 3rd parties like forwarders, NVO’s, and IMC’s…GPS enabled mobile apps provide customers with in-transit visibility of their containers via the web, EDI, or APIs. These visibility demands from the market continue to grow and evolve, and soon will be required from drayage companies to win new business or keep customers from leaving.

Mobile app usage also provides a competitive advantage for driver recruitment. Mobile apps make our lives easier and enable us to more conveniently manage our daily tasks. The easier it is for drivers to transact with the back office at your company the better the chances of retaining your drivers and recruiting new drivers.

A company plan on mobile app adoption should be part of the strategy discussions for all trucking companies no matter the size, as devices and apps are very affordable and just about all drivers now use smart phones or tablets as part of the normal everyday life.

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