Return On Investment

Value Proposition - Return On Investment

Trinium's product suite is specifically designed for intermodal trucking and multimodal trucking operations, offering a mid level enterprise system designed to optimize operations

The system is proven to drive bottom line improvements by way of labor savings, operational integrity, billing and payables speed and accuracy, improved equipment control, and improved overall customer satisfaction. Trinium customers derive return on investment in the following areas:

  • Improved driver-to-dispatcher ratio
  • Improved driver-to-staff ratio
  • Operating cost reductions thanks to automated billing and payable processing
  • Business growth - hold headcount steady while winning new business
  • Shorter billing cycles thanks to automated invoicing and electronic billing
  • Reduced equipment detention charges related to detention tracking and alerts
  • Fewer service failures delivered by appointment tracking and robust workflow
  • Higher customer satisfaction due to web functionality, proactive alerts, and improved service
Transportation Software ROI

Transportation Software ROI

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