Fuel Management Software

Trinium - FMS

Fuel Management System Provides a complete enterprise system for bulk fuel and packaged petroleum goods marketers. FMS enables companies to completely automate their processes from order receipt to customer service, operations, credit management, billing and inventory control. Trinium-FMS is one of our three main enterprise system modules and includes order management, auto-pricing, inventory, freight, dispatch, billing and standard reports.

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Petroleum Accounting Software

Fuel Management System

Document Distribution

Enables invoices, transportation orders and other key documents to be e-mailed and faxed automatically to their designated recipients. Trinium’s document distribution sub-module will free your staff from the need to print and stuff envelopes with the added benefit of saving a few trees.

Executive Information System (EIS)

Monitor the performance of your business with this graphical reporting tool designed to give you and your team a real time view of your key financial and operations data. With the Trinium EIS you can turn your attention to the exceptions in your business while keeping your finger on the operations and financial pulse at all times.

Results Now Custom Reporting

Design your own reports and queries to address the internal questions and customer requirements that so often present themselves in a petroleum marketing business. If your staff is burdened with either ad hoc or special reporting requests from management or customers, automate the process using Trinium’s Results Now reporting tool so they can get back to the important work of running the business.

Pipeline (Customer Web Portal)

Give your customers a log on to this web portal that allows them to access key data directly from the system including but not limited to invoice and credit data, open and fulfilled orders. With Trinium’s Pipeline product you can eliminate significant routine customer service calls by making data directly accessible to your customers over the internet.

EDI Module (customer and vendor EDI)

EDI provides complete system-system electronic connectivity between trading partners. Order, shipment status, and invoicing data can be interfaced with customers and vendors enabling more electronic communication, reducing manual processing of data with your trading partners.