Trinium Technologies Overview

More than just a fuel software company

Trinium is in the business of improving the profitability of petroleum distribution operations. We rely on three core competencies to deliver value to our customers

  1. our expertise in operations,
  2. our ability to develop highly functional and innovative software and
  3. our service model which emphasizes close-knit partnerships and the achievement of shared objectives.

Trinium's team is comprised of individuals with a blend of software development and distribution operations experience. This skill set combined with our choice of Progress as a technology platform allows us to build solutions that specifically cater to the unique challenges of the petroleum distribution industry.

With over 120 installations and thousands of users, our software products and services have been proven with some of the largest and most demanding clients in the industries we serve.

Thanks to our wide installation base, we receive a number of innovative ideas to improve our products from our clients. These are captured as part of our product development plan and delivered to all of our customers by way of version upgrades throughout the year.

Trinium Fuel Software

As fuel distribution practitioners, we measure performance in the same way you do. Our mission is to see each of our clients achieve best practice operational ratios for the fuel distribution industry. Choosing Trinium's fuel and cardlock management software means taking advantage of the most effective enterprise system for our industry and gaining the support of a team that will ensure you use it to maximum effect to achieve your business goals.