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Trinium TMS Hosted

Trinium’s new hosted offering, available at a low monthly fee... Customers live now.


Availability Manager as a Web Service

Enable your trucking system to integrate to 3rd party pier and rail websites for container tracking and tracing.


Trinium v8.0 Release

Customers drive product road map, over 150 enhancements included with the latest upgrade.


Intermodal Trucking

Trinium is recognized as the industry leader in intermodal trucking systems; providing solutions for companies ranging from 10 drivers to over 1,000 drivers.

Trinium-TMS (Transportation Management System) is a complete enterprise system for intermodal trucking companies. TMS is currently deployed in every intermodal market across the U.S. and Canada, managing both domestic intermodal and international container operations. The company's primary focus is on driving industry best practice to assist its customers in improving their financial results. Trinium has enabled improvements to various aspects of its customers’ operations including:

  • Grow revenue/fleet size without adding internal staff
  • Reduce equipment detention charges (Per Diem,Rail Storage,Port Demurrage)
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Improve cash flow by getting invoices out faster
  • Improve dispatcher and driver efficiency with mobile communications
  • Improve customer service with timely and accurate updates via EDI, automated email, and web tracking

Trinium Philosophy

Our approach is to enable companies to improve their bottom line through the deployment of a system that enables them to operate more efficiently. Our implementation process is focused on change management as we guide customers to a more automated workflow that enables them to reduce costs, grow revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

Industry Best Practices

The following case studies document how some Trinium customers have achieved a return on investment through a best practices approach to implementing the Trinium application suite.

  • K & R Transportation (California Cartage) achieves staff efficiencies through a paperless process
  • Pacific Transfer achieves drastic business improvement
  • Progressive Transportation Services
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